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Curette Ear FlexLoop Flexible 4mm Tip Disposable White 50/Bx


Product Description

Safe Ear Curettes by Bionix, product ID # 9555.The Bionix, FlexLoop Safe Ear Curettes is made of smooth, flexible polypropylene, not hard, rigid stainless steel. Using this material means they're designed to flex and bend when they encounter an obstacle, and there is Single-use convenience, along with no sterilization costs and hassles. There’s no risk of cross-contamination, as you can just use them and dispose of them. It’s much simpler than irrigation, and is quality engineered and manufactured in the US. Bionix Safe Ear Curettes meet all required quality and safety standards. Other advantages include: The Angle Loop facilitates reaching the hard-to-get, tough cerumen common in older patients.- The Infant Scoop is designed for smaller ears and may be used through an otoscope. – The Flex Loop is an all-purpose curette designed for normal curettage in a variety of patients.- The MicroLoop is more rigid in construction and is designed to remove tough, impacted cerumen. The VersaLoop has a smooth flexible tip that gives the user exceptional control while offering the patient more comfort.