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Medical Supplies Online

If you’re looking for an online medical supply store in GA, AL, or nearby areas, look no farther than Vita-Rx. We are an online medical supply store that provides medical supplies, surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biologicals, injectables, and vitamins to licensed and certified medical professionals. Our wide variety of products includes flu vaccine, hypodermic needles, blood pressure cuffs, tetanus and diphtheria vaccination, and so many more fundamental products used in various physician offices and medical facilities with many different medical supply needs. We are proud to provide for all of your medical supply needs in one comprehensive location—online for your convenience.

We are more than happy to provide the medical supplies needed for your medical practice. However, we will only sell our products to verified, licensed doctors or medical professionals; our supplies are not available for general sale. Feel free to shop through our offerings of medical products online, and contact us if you have any inquiries about verifying your purchase. Learn more, and shop through our online medical supply store!

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